About the company


This Guarani word thay goes with us as an institutional name, synthesizes the widson and the ability of our artisans representing our commitment, which is to offer the best products, quality, and the stamp.

Arandu emerges as a family business in 1987, because of the necessity in Buenos Aires of a saddlery which brings to the city the best products linked to the activity of the farm and its customs. This product, which is not only product, but wisdom, history, custom; and that is characterized by being rooted in the roots of our culture. which it is been more than two centuries of its own history.

Being a brand that enhances the national product, with pride, we are obligated to transmit to future generations  what has made us great. With 100% national materials, such as buffalo leather, capybara and bovine leather, the most delicated wool of sheep and llama, white metal, silver, alpaca and gold, stone, wood, between others.

The most important thing is handmade work, made really with hands, being particularly unique. In clothing, footwear, saddles, silversmiths and in more than eleven thousand products we have, we try to express that heritage we are trying to express with words.

Here you can find a catalogue which summarizes what day by day passionates us and encourages us to continue working.


Maintain and promote our traditional customs and uses, which together with art and farm, are part of the cultural heritage that identifies us.


Strengthen our brand in time, so that Arandu will be recognized as the largest saddlery shop in the country, as well as the largest cultural reference in rural Argentina.


The quality we work with, from beginning to end, an obligation we have with what we do. From the selection of raw materials to the final preparation of all the products we offer, you can see that they are made with the highest levels of quality and maximum care in the design and completion. We share the same requirements with our customers, so that our products guarantee the longest length and that their use satisfy the needs for which they were purchased. The manual work is the main source of our products, being the perfection of this the most important attribute. The hands, of our craftsmen, synthesize that passion with which we work.